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Gene Expression
PCR Arrays, Mastermix, qPCR Primer Assays
Cell Signaling
Lentiviral and DNA-based Pathway Reporters
miRNA Research
PCR Arrays and Assays, RT-PCR Reagents, Preamplification, miRNA Purification, miRNA Mimics, miRNA Inhibitors
RNA Interference
High potency, guaranteed siRNA
Methylation Analysis, Chromatin IP, MicroRNA, Histone Modification
Protein Analysis
Multi-Analyte ELISArray, Single-Analyte ELISArray
Gene Regulation
Transcriptome PCR Arrays identify miRNAs or proteins that regulate gene expression
Mutation Analysis
Pathway-Focused qPCR Analysis
Service Core
Gene expression Analysis, miRNA Expression Profiling, FFPE, Illumina Genotyping and SNP Analysis
Copy Number Analysis
Arrays and Genome-wide Assays for detecting Copy Number Variations and Alterations
New! Next Generation Sequencing
Targeted Exon Enrichment Panels, NGS Library Quantitation
Long-non coding RNA Expression
lncRNA PCR Arrays, lncRNA qPCR Assays
New! Microbial Identification and quantification
Microbial DNA qPCR Arrays, Assays, Multi-Assay Kits and more

Pathway Maps (>100)

Real-time PCR Primer

MicroRNA Search

Chromatin IP Primers

DNA Methylation

Copy Number

Somatic Mutation