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GeneRead DNAseq Library Quant Array

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96-/100-well (A/C/D/F/R)




384-well (E/G)




Ion Torrent

96-/100-well (A/C/D/F/R)




384-well (E/G)




The GeneRead DNAseq Library Quant Array provides a ready-to-use solution to quantify and qualify GeneRead DNAseq library before sequencing, enabling consistent and meaningful results with every NGS run.

The GeneRead DNAseq Library Quant Array uses real-time PCR to quantify NGS libraries by specifically quantifying DNA molecules with adaptors at both ends, which are the only amplifiable molecules during emulsion PCR (Ion Torrent platform) or bridge PCR (Illumina platform), and therefore provides highly accurate quantification of amplifiable library molecules. The high sensitivity of real-time PCR allows quantification of libraries with very low concentrations, even below the detection threshold of conventional spectrophotometric methods.

The GeneRead DNAseq Library Quant Array also includes sets of QC primers to monitor the results of the target enrichment procedure. Each GeneRead DNAseq Gene Panel contains a set of endogenous controls, and the GeneRead DNAseq Library Quant Array provides predispensed primer assays to measure those controls, for determination of the QC score of the prepared sample library. The QC score serves as a checkpoint to identify bad libraries before sequencing, preventing costly sequencing runs on samples that would not generate meaningful results. The GeneRead DNAseq Library Quant Array is optimized with GeneRead qPCR SYBR® Green Mastermixes to provide superior sensitivity and wide dynamic ranges.

Why GeneRead DNAseq Library Quant Array?

  • Pre-dispensed sequentially diluted DNA standard eliminates manual titration
  • Quality score enables removal of bad libraries before sequencing 
  • Data analysis Excel sheet automatically calculates library concentration
  • Simple protocol, high sensitivity and wide dynamic range
  • Compatible with all major NGS platforms and qPCR instruments

How it works

Figure 1. GeneRead DNAseq Library Quant Array workflow. The accompanied QC score provides recommendations (to proceed, proceed with caution or do not proceed) for downstream sequencing.

Performance Consistency

Figure 2. Reliable NGS library quantification with minimal variability of DNA standards from lot-to-lot.

The DNA standard for Illumina MiSeq platform from three different lots were used to prepare five sequential 10-fold dilutions. The diluted DNA standards were mixed with library specific PCR primer assay and GeneRead qPCR SYBR Green mastermix (from three different lots), and subjected to real-time PCR. The minimal variation in Ct values for diluted DNA standards from three different lots confirms the reliability of GeneRead Library Quant System.

Application Data

QC score generated by GeneRead DNASeq Library Quant Array is indicative of DNASeq library quality (affected by sample quality, target enrichment process and library construction process).

High QC score correlates with bad sample or bad DNA library. DNA library used in Experiment 2 yielded high QC score (15.2). NGS results from Experiment 2 do not meet GeneRead DNAseq Gene Panel specification in terms of specificity, average read length and number of variants (7.4 variants/Kb are significantly higher than the typical sequencing noise of ~1 variant /Kb observed by others). Overall, this indicates a non-optimal sequencing run, generating more false positive variants.
*Save time and money by removing bad libraries before sequencing run.

GeneRead Library Quantification System enables quantification of libraries with concentration below detection limit of conventional methods

NGS libraries were constructed for Ion Torrent PGM platform using Human Comprehensive Cancer GeneRead DNAseq Gene Panel from universal genomic DNA (NGS-L1) and genomic DNA isolated from FFPE lung carcinoma sample (NGS-L2) and subjected to quantification by High Sensitive DNA Assay Kit (BioAnalyzer). BioAnalyzer can quantify only NGS-L1 whereas concentration of NGS-L2 was too low to quantify (A). GeneRead Library Quant System’s high sensitivity and broad dynamic range enables the quantification of both NGS-L1 and NGS-L2. The result of library quantification for NGS-L1(blue arrow) and NGS-L2(red arrow) with 1:2000 dilution is shown in figure B. Amount of NGS-L1 and NGS-L2 amount obtained by both methods are summarized in Figure C.

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