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GeneRead NGS System

QIAGEN, a leader in pathway analysis systems, now offers new Research-Focused Panels for Targeted Exon Enrichment and Library Quantification kits for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS).

GeneRead Targeted Exon Enrichment Panels

Why spend time sequencing the entire genome when your research is focused on just a few genes? The GeneRead DNAseq Gene Panels allow you to focus your sequencing efforts on your specific genes of interest, enabling deep sequencing and the identification of low frequency genetic variants in your precious sample. The targeted sequencing saves your valuable time and money and answers your specific biological questions. GeneRead DNAseq Gene Panels use multiplex PCR target enrichment technology based on sophisticated primer design and pooling algorithms. The PCR primer sets cover the Protein-Coding Regions and Untranslated Regions (UTRs) of all human genes.

Setup Protocol for Illumina MiSeq with GeneRead DNAseq Gene Panels

GeneRead Library Quantification System

For any NGS protocol, as in most analysis systems, you must start out using the same amount of sample. The GeneRead Library Quantification system provides a simple out-of-the-box solution for you to quantify your DNA Library for sequencing on several platforms, enabling consistent results with every NGS run.

The GeneRead NGS System is intended for molecular biology applications. These products are not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.


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