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RT² PreAMP Primer Mixes for All PCR Arrays

Pathway Human Mouse Rat
Adipogenesis PBH-049Z PBM-049Z PBR-049Z
Androgen Receptor Signaling Targets PBH-142Z PBM-142Z PBR-142Z
Adherens Junctions PBH-146Z PBM-146Z PBR-146Z
Aging PBH-178Z PBM-178Z PBR-178Z
Allergy & Asthma PBH-067Z PBM-067Z PBR-067Z
Alzheimer's Disease PBH-057Z PBM-057Z PBR-057Z
Amino Acid Metabolism I PBH-129Z PBM-129Z PBR-129Z
Amino Acid Metabolism II PBH-130Z PBM-130Z PBR-130Z
AMPK Signaling PBH-175Z PBM-175Z PBR-175Z
Angiogenesis PBH-024Z PBM-024Z PBR-024Z
Angiogenic Growth Factors & Angiogenesis Inhibitors PBH-072Z PBM-072Z PBR-072Z
Antibacterial Response PBH-148Z PBM-148Z PBR-148Z
Antifungal Response PBH-147Z PBM-147Z PBR-147Z
Antiviral Response PBH-122Z PBM-122Z PBR-122Z
Apoptosis PBH-012Z PBM-012Z PBR-012Z
Atherosclerosis PBH-038Z PBM-038Z PBR-038Z
Autophagy PBH-084Z PBM-084Z PBR-084Z
Breast Cancer PBH-131Z PBM-131Z PBR-131Z
Breast Cancer and Estrogen Receptor Signaling PBH-005Z PBM-005Z PBR-005Z
cAMP / Calcium Signaling PathwayFinder PBH-066Z PBM-066Z PBR-066Z
Cardiotoxicity PBH-095Z PBM-095Z PBR-095Z
Cancer Drug Resistance and Metabolism PBH-004Z PBM-004Z PBR-004Z
Cancer Drug Targets PBH-507Z PBM-507Z PBR-507Z
Cancer Inflammation & Immunity Crosstalk PBH-181Z PBM-181Z PBR-181Z
Cancer PathwayFinder? PBH-033Z PBM-033Z PBR-033Z
Cancer Stem Cells PBH-176Z PBM-176Z PBR-176Z
Cardiovascular Disease PBH-174Z PBM-174Z PBR-174Z
Cell Cycle PBH-020Z PBM-020Z PBR-020Z
Cell Death PathwayFinder? PBH-212Z PBM-212Z PBR-212Z
Cell Junction PathwayFinder PBH-213Z PBM-213Z PBR-213Z
Cell Motility PBH-128Z PBM-128Z PBR-128Z
Cell Lineage Identification PBH-508Z PBM-508Z PBR-508Z
Cell Surface Markers PBH-055Z PBM-055Z PBR-055Z
Cellular Senescence PBH-050Z PBM-050Z PBR-050Z
Chemokines and Receptors PBH-022Z PBM-022Z PBR-022Z
Circadian Rhythms PBH-153Z PBM-153Z PBR-153Z
Common Cytokines PBH-021Z PBM-021Z PBR-021Z
Crohn's Disease PBH-169Z PBM-169Z PBR-169Z
Cystic Fibrosis PBH-167Z PBM-167Z PBR-167Z
Cytokines & Chemokines PBH-150Z PBM-150Z PBR-150Z
Cytoskeleton Regulators PBH-088Z PBM-088Z PBR-088Z
Dendritic & Antigen Presenting Cell PBH-406Z PBM-406Z PBR-406Z
Diabetes PBH-023Z PBM-023Z PBR-023Z
DNA Damage Signaling Pathway PBH-029Z PBM-029Z PBR-029Z
DNA Repair PBH-042Z PBM-042Z PBR-042Z
Dopamine & Serotonin Pathway PBH-158Z PBM-158Z PBR-158Z
Drug Metabolism PBH-002Z PBM-002Z PBR-002Z
Drug Metabolism: Phase I Enzymes PBH-068Z PBM-068Z PBR-068Z
Drug Metabolism: Phase II Enzymes PBH-069Z PBM-069Z PBR-069Z
Drug Transporters PBH-070Z PBM-070Z PBR-070Z
EGF / PDGF Signaling Pathway PBH-040Z PBM-040Z PBR-040Z
Embryonic Stem Cells PBH-081Y PBM-081Y PBR-081Y
Endothelial Cell Biology PBH-015Z PBM-015Z PBR-015Z
Epigenetic Chromatin Modification Enzymes PBH-085Z PBM-085Z PBR-085Z
Epigenetic Chromatin Remodeling Factors PBH-086Z PBM-086Z PBR-086Z
Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition (EMT) PBH-090Z PBM-090Z PBR-090Z
Extracellular Matrix and Adhesion Molecules PBH-013Z PBM-013Z PBR-013Z
Fatty Acid Metabolism PBH-007Z PBM-007Z PBR-007Z
Fatty Liver PBH-157Z PBM-157Z PBR-157Z
Female Infertility PBH-164Z PBM-164Z PBR-164Z
Fibrosis PBH-120Z PBM-120Z PBR-120Z
Focal Adhesions PBH-145Z PBM-145Z PBR-145Z
GABA & Glutamate PBH-152Z PBM-152Z PBR-152Z
Gap Junctions PBH-144Z PBM-144Z PBR-144Z
Glucocorticoid Signaling PBH-154Z PBM-154Z PBR-154Z
Glucose Metabolism PBH-006Z PBM-006Z PBR-006Z
Glycosylation PBH-046Z PBM-046Z PBR-046Z
GPCR Signaling PathwayFinder PBH-071Z PBM-071Z PBR-071Z
Growth Factors PBH-041Z PBM-041Z PBR-041Z
Heat Shock Proteins PBH-076Z PBM-076Z PBR-076Z
Hedgehog Signaling Pathway PBH-078Z PBM-078Z PBR-078Z
Hematopoietic Stem Cells and Hematopoesis PBH-054Z PBM-054Z PBR-054Z
Hepatotoxicity PBH-093Z PBM-093Z PBR-093Z
Hippo Signaling PBH-172Z PBM-172Z PBR-172Z
HIV Infection and Host Response PBH-051Y
Homeobox (HOX) Genes PBH-083Z PBM-083Z PBR-083Z
Housekeeping Genes PBH-000Z PBM-000Z PBR-000Z
Huntington's Disease PBH-123Z PBM-123Z PBR-123Z
Hypertension PBH-037Z PBM-037Z PBR-037Z
Hypoxia Signaling Pathway PBH-032Y PBM-032Z PBR-032Z
Immunotoxicity PBH-179Z PBM-179Z PBR-179Z
Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells PBH-092Z PBM-092Z PBR-092Z
IL6/STAT3 PBH-160Y PBM-160Z PBR-160Z
inflammasomes PBH-097Z PBM-097Z PBR-097Z
Inflammatory Cytokines and Receptors PBH-011Z PBM-011Z PBR-011Z
Inflammatory Response & Autoimmunity PBH-077Z PBM-077Z PBR-077Z
Innate & Adaptive Immune Responses PBH-052Z PBM-052Z PBR-052Z
Insulin Resistance PBH-156Z PBM-156Z PBR-156Z
Insulin Signaling Pathway PBH-030Z PBM-030Z PBR-030Z
Interferon a,b Response PBH-016Z PBM-016Z PBR-016Z
Interferons and Receptors PBH-064Z PBM-064Z PBR-064Z
JAK / STAT Signaling Pathway PBH-039Y PBM-039Y PBR-039Y
Leukemia PBH-137Z PBM-137Z PBR-137Z
let-7 Targets PBH-6008Y PBM-6008Y PBR-6008Y
Lipoprotein Signaling & Cholesterol Metabolism PBH-080Z PBM-080Z PBR-080Z
Liver Cancer PBH-133Z PBM-133Z PBR-133Z
Lung Cancer PBH-134Z PBM-134Z PBR-134Z
Lymphoma PBH-139Z PBM-139Z PBR-139Z
Macular Degeneration PBH-171Z PBM-171Z PBR-171Z
Male Infertility PBH-165Z PBM-165Z PBR-165Z
MAP Kinase Signaling Pathway PBH-061Z PBM-061Z PBR-061Z
Mesenchymal Stem Cells PBH-082Z PBM-082Z PBR-082Z
miR-1 & miR-206 Targets PBH-6005Z PBM-6005Z PBR-6005Z
miR-146a Targets PBH-6004Z PBM-6004Z PBR-6004Z
miR-153 Targets PBH-6013Z PBM-6013Z PBR-6013Z
miR-155 Targets PBH-6002Z PBM-6002Z PBR-6002Z
miR-17 & miR-20a Targets PBH-6003Z PBM-6003Z PBR-6003Z
miR-181 Targets PBH-6011Z PBM-6011Z PBR-6011Z
miR-21 Targets PBH-6001Z PBM-6001Z PBR-6001Z
miR-210 Targets PBH-6009Z PBM-6009Z PBR-6009Z
miR-221 & miR-222 Targets PBH-6007Z PBM-6007Z PBR-6007Z
miR-29 Targets PBH-6012Z PBM-6012Z PBR-6012Z
miR-34a Targets PBH-6006Z PBM-6006Z PBR-6006Z
miR-4514 & miR-4692 Targets PBH-6010Z
miR-9 Targets PBH-6014Z PBM-6014Z PBR-6014Z
Mitochondria PBH-087Z PBM-087Z PBR-087Z
Mitochondrial Energy Metabolism PBH-008Y PBM-008Z PBR-008Z
Molecular Toxicology PBH-401Z PBM-401Z PBR-401Z
mTOR Signaling PBH-098Z PBM-098Z PBR-098Z
Multiple Sclerosis PBH-125Z PBM-125Z PBR-125Z
MYC Targets PBH-177Z PBM-177Z PBR-177Z
Necrosis PBH-141Z PBM-141Z PBR-141Z
Neurogenesis and Neural Stem Cell PBH-404Z PBM-404Z PBR-404Z
Neuroscience Ion Channels and Transporters PBH-036Z PBM-036Z PBR-036Z
Neurotransmitter Receptors & Regulators PBH-060Z PBM-060Z PBR-060Z
Nephrotoxicity PBH-094Z PBM-094Z PBR-094Z
Neurotoxicity PBH-096Z PBM-096Z PBR-096Z
Neurotrophins and Receptors PBH-031Z PBM-031Z PBR-031Z
NFkB Signaling Pathway PBH-025Y PBM-025Z PBR-025Z
NFkB Signaling Targets PBH-225Z PBM-225Z PBR-225Z
Nitric Oxide Signaling Pathway PBH-062Z PBM-062Z PBR-062Z
Notch Signaling Pathway PBH-059Y PBM-059Z PBR-059Z
Notch Signaling Target PBH-259Z PBM-259Z PBR-259Z
Nuclear Receptors & Coregulators PBH-056Y PBM-056Y PBR-056Y
Obesity PBH-017Z PBM-017Z PBR-017Z
Oncogenes & Tumor Suppressor Genes PBH-502Z PBM-502Z PBR-502Z
Osmotic Stress PBH-151Z PBM-151Z PBR-151Z
Osteogenesis PBH-026Z PBM-026Z PBR-026Z
Osteoporosis PBH-170Z PBM-170Z PBR-170Z
Oxidative Stress & Antioxidant Defense PBH-065Y PBM-065Z PBR-065Z
p53 Signaling Pathway PBH-027Z PBM-027Z PBR-027Z
Pain: Neuropathic & Inflammatory PBH-162Z PBM-162Z PBR-162Z
Parkinson's Disease PBH-124Z PBM-124Z PBR-124Z
Phagocytosis PBH-173Z PBM-173Z PBR-173Z
PI3K-AKT Signaling Pathway PBH-058Z PBM-058Z PBR-058Z
Polycomb & Trithorax Complexes PBH-506Z PBM-506Z PBR-506Z
Polycomb & Trithorax Target Genes PBH-505Z PBM-505Z PBR-505Z
Polycystic Kidney Disease PBH-168Z PBM-168Z PBR-168Z
PPAR Targets PBH-149Z PBM-149Z PBR-149Z
Pre-Eclampsia PBH-163Z PBM-163Z PBR-163Z
Primary Cilia PBH-127Z PBM-127Z PBR-127Z
Prostate Cancer PBH-135Z PBM-135Z PBR-135Z
Protease Activated Receptor Signaling PBH-159Z PBM-159Z PBR-159Z
Protein Phosphatases PBH-045Z PBM-045Z PBR-045Z
Retinotic Acid Signaling PBH-180Z PBM-180Z PBR-180Z
Signal Transduction PathwayFinder? PBH-014Z PBM-014Z PBR-014Z
Skeletal Muscle: Myogenesis & Myopathy PBH-099Z PBM-099Z PBR-099Z
Stem Cell PBH-405Z PBM-405Z PBR-405Z
Stem Cell Signaling PBH-047Z PBM-047Z PBR-047Z
Stem Cell Transcription Factors PBH-501Z PBM-501Z PBR-501Z
Stress and Toxicity PathwayFinder PBH-003Z PBM-003Z PBR-003Z
Stress Response to Cellular Damage PBH-019Z PBM-019Z PBR-019Z
Synaptic Plasticity PBH-126Z PBM-126Z PBR-126Z
Telomeres & Telomerase PBH-010Z PBM-010Z PBR-010Z
Terminal Differentiation Markers PBH-048Z PBM-048Z PBR-048Z
T Cell Anergy & Immune Tolerance PBH-074Z PBM-074Z PBR-074Z
T Helper Cell Differentiation PBH-503Z PBM-503Z PBR-503Z
T-Cell and B-Cell Activation PBH-053Z PBM-053Z PBR-053Z
TGFb / BMP Signaling Pathway PBH-035Y PBM-035Z PBR-035Z
TGFb Signaling Targets PBH-235Z PBM-235Z PBR-235Z
Th17 for Autoimmunity & Inflammation PBH-073Z PBM-073Z PBR-073Z
Th1-Th2-Th3 PBH-034Z PBM-034Z PBR-034Z
Tight Junctions PBH-143Z PBM-143Z PBR-143Z
TNF Ligands and Receptors PBH-063Z PBM-063Z PBR-063Z
Toll-Like Receptor Signaling Pathway PBH-018Z PBM-018Z PBR-018Z
Transcription Factors PBH-075Z PBM-075Z PBR-075Z
Transplant Rejection PBH-166Z PBM-166Z PBR-166Z
Tumor Metastasis PBH-028Z PBM-028Z PBR-028Z
Tyrosine Kinases PBH-161Z PBM-161Z PBR-161Z
Ubiquitination (Ubiquitinylation) PBH-079Z PBM-079Z PBR-079Z
Unfolded Protein Response PBH-089Y PBM-089Z PBR-089Z
VEGF Signaling PBH-091Z PBM-091Z PBR-091Z
WNT Signaling Pathway PBH-043Y PBM-043Z PBR-043Z
WNT Signaling Targets PBH-243Z PBM-243Z PBR-243Z
Wound Healing PBH-121Z PBM-121Z PBR-121Z