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RTē Profiler™ Plus PCR Array

PCR Arrays are the most reliable tools for analyzing the expression of a focused panel of genes. Each 96-well plate, 384-well plate, or 100-well disc PCR Array includes SYBR Green-optimized primer assays for a thoroughly researched panel of relevant, pathway- or disease-focused genes. These arrays can also be used to determine signaling pathway activities or levels of cellular toxicities. PCR Arrays can also be customized to contain a panel of genes tailored to your specific research interests. Our high-quality primer design and master mix formulation enable the PCR Array to amplify 96 different gene-specific products simultaneously under uniform cycling conditions. This combination provides the PCR Array with the specificity and the high amplification efficiencies required for accurate real-time SYBR Green results. The simplicity of the PCR Arrays makes them accessible for routine use in every research laboratory.

Why PCR Arrays Plus?

  • Pathway Focused: Profile the expression of a panel of genes, relevant to a pathway, including experimentally derived pathway signature biomarker genes.
  • Pathway activity score: Each PCR Plus Array has specific companion algorithm that converts gene expression profile into signaling pathways activity or cellular tocixity level score providing an objective means of determining pathway activity regulation.
  • Time and cost saving: Analyze gene expression as well as pathway activity regulation with one real-time PCR experiment

Available RTē Profiler Plus PCR Arrays

The RTē Profiler Plus PCR arrays are designed for profiling the expression of a panel of genes relevant to a pathway or disease state and determining levels of pathway activity or cellular toxicity using real time PCR in an objective, easy, accurate, reproducible, and medium throughput manner. How It Works.



Array ID

WNT Signaling Pathway Plus



IL6/STAT3 Signaling Pathway Plus



TGFb Signaling Pathway Plus



Notch Signaling Pathway Plus



NFkB Signaling Pathway Plus





Array ID (96-well)

Oxidative Stress Plus



Unfolded Protein Response Plus



Mitochondrial Energy Metabolism Plus



Hypoxia Signaling Pathway Plus



How It Works

Simple Workflow
Simply mix your cDNA template with the appropriate ready-to-use PCR master mix, aliquot equal volumes to each well of the same plate, and then run the real-time PCR cycling program. PCR Arrays are compatible with all ABI, Bio-Rad, Eppendorf, QIAGEN, Roche, and Stratagene instrumentation. Find the correct setup instructions and protocol files [ here ].

How Pathway Biomarker signature Developed
RTē Profiler Plus PCR arrays have the capability to measure pathway activity using gene expression changes of pathway biomarker signature genes and companion algorithm. The pathway biomarker signature genes and companion algorithm are experimentally derived from a training data set consisting of 10-15 different cell lines whose pathway activity are either activated or inhibited with experimentally verified methods. Click [here] for more details.

Easy-to-Use Data Analysis
Data analysis is based on the ΔΔCt method with normalization of the raw data to either housekeeping genes or an external RNA control.

Pathway Activity Score

The ΔΔCt values of biomarker signature genes derived from experimental and control samples are used to calculate the pathway activity score.  The score is calculated based on a mathematical classification model (e.g. Support Vector Machine, Random Forest, Linear Discriminant Analysis, Nearest Shrunken Centroid, etc.) that was trained on samples with defined manipulation of pathway activity. The score indicates whether the pathway is activated, repressed or activity remains unchanged in experimental samples compared to control samples. Click [here] for more details.

Well Designed Layout and Controls

RTē Profiler Plus PCR Arrays are available in 96-well plate, 384-well plate, and 100-well disc formats, and are used to monitor the expression of 84 genes related to a disease state or pathway plus five housekeeping genes. Controls are also included on each array for genomic DNA contamination, RNA quality, and general PCR performance. Click [ here ] to learn how the control features work.

Easy-to-Use Data Analysis

Data analysis is based on the ΔΔCt method with normalization of the raw data to either housekeeping genes or an external RNA control.
You can easily perform a PCR Array experiment in your own laboratory, or send your samples to us and take advantage of our PCR Array Services.

Performance and Applications


  • Sensitivity: With the sensitivity of the RTē First Strand Kit, as little as 1 ng for gene profiling or 100 ng for pathway activity or cellular toxicity determination, or as much as 5 ĩg of total RNA per array plate provides greater than 80 percent present call rates.
  • Reproducibility: The high reproducibility of the system, with replicate correlation coefficients > 0.99, means that experimental samples can be reliably compared across plates and runs.
  • Specificity: The specificity of the system, imparted by the combination of SYBR Green primers and PCR master mixes, guarantees a single product of the predicted size from every reaction without secondary products such as primer dimers.

The complete PCR Array System guarantees the optimal performance of the PCR Array. Including the optional RTē RNA QC PCR Array into the complete system maximizes control over consistent RNA quality.

Application Examples

The RTē Profiler Plus PCR Arrays can be used for cancer, immunology, stem cells, toxicology, development, metabolism, and many other areas of biological and medical research. To view application examples of how the RTē Profiler Plus Arrays can be used, click [ here].

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