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PCR Accessory Products

Our convenient and high-quality real-time RT-PCR accessory products complete the RT² Profiler™ PCR Array System and the RT² PCR Primer Assays. The other components needed for real-time PCR analysis are SYBR Green PCR master mix, first strand synthesis kit, and an optional RNA QC array.

Real-Time RT-PCR:

NEW: RT² First Strand Kit
Sensitive qRT-PCR with RNA Quality Control and NO Genomic DNA Worries

Tests for RNA Quality and Inhibitors of RT-PCR Analyses, optional

RT² qPCR Master Mixes
Instrument-Specific Formulations, Ready-to-Use

XpressRef™ Universal Total RNA
Available for Human, Mouse and Rat

384EZLoad™ Covers
For easy loading of 96x4 format 384-well PCR Arrays.

RT² PCR Array Loading Reservoir
Optimized for sample loading of RT² Profiler PCR Arrays

RT² Thermocycler Calibration Plates & Strips
Required for BioRad iSeries & Eppendorf MasterCycler realplex instruments prior to first-time use of RT² Profiler PCR Arrays

RNA Isolation:

RNeasy Mini Kit
For purification of up to 100 µg total RNA from cells and tissues

NEW: RT² FFPE RNA Extraction Kit
Optimized isolation of total RNA from FFPE blocks and slides for real-time RT-PCR