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SureSilencing™ shRNA Plasmids and Flexitube siRNA

SABiosciences' SureSilencing™ RNA interference shRNA plasmids and QIAGEN�s Flexitube siRNA provide the complete solution for all gene silencing work. Our advanced bioinformatic design and superior product quality ensure the high efficiency, high potency and low off-target effect of our RNAi products. Search your shRNA here.

Once for lifetime, renewable and unlimited source of RNAi with selection markers for GFP, Neomycin, Puromycin, Hygromycin

FlexiTube siRNA is provided in economical 1 nmol amounts for human and mouse genes or 5 nmol and 20 nmol amounts for all human, mouse, or rat genes. FlexiTube GeneSolution is a collection of 4 preselected siRNAs (1 nmol) for a target gene which enables researchers to use multiple siRNAs for a single gene target ensuring reliable results. FlexiTube siRNA and FlexiTube GeneSolutions are designed using the innovative HP OnGuard siRNA design algorithm.

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High efficiency and low toxicity transfection reagents

Peer-reviewed Publications using SureSilencing RNAi

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White Paper of SureSilencing RNAi


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