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Analyze the Expression of Any Gene

The RT² qPCR Primer Assays are the most reliable SYBR® Green-based quantitative real-time PCR assay for gene expression analysis.

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Why RT² qPCR Primer Assays?

  • High performance: Each RT² qPCR Primer Assay is experimentally validated to amplify a single amplicon of the correct size with uniform PCR efficiency. The performance of RT² qPCR Primer Assays for gene expression analysis is as good as or better than that of TaqMan® Assays.
  • Complete genome coverage: Primer assays are available for every human, mouse, rat, rhesus macaque, fruit fly, dog, pig, cow, chicken, horse, Zebrafish, rabbit, and Chinese hamster ovary cell gene. The uniform PCR efficiency and PCR conditions of RT² qPCR Primer Assays allow for an easy transition from single gene analysis to multiple gene expression analyses.
  • Convenience: With less than 5-minutes of hands-on time, RT² qPCR Primer Assays deliver guaranteed performance when used with SABiosciences' optimized instrument-specific RT² qPCR master mixes for QIAGEN/Corbett, ABI, Bio-Rad, Eppendorf, Roche, Stratagene, Takara, and other real-time PCR instruments.

Learn more about RT² qPCR Primer Assays, download our technology brochure.

How It Works
The RT² qPCR Primer Assay is the most reliable SYBR® Green-based quantitative real-time PCR assay for gene expression analysis. Our experimentally verified design algorithm yields gene-specific qPCR assays characterized by uniform and high PCR efficiencies and standardized amplification conditions. Every RT² qPCR Primer Assay is subjected to rigorous experimental verification. Single product amplification of the correct size and high PCR efficiency are guaranteed when using the appropriate RT² qPCR master mixes. The uniform PCR efficiencies and PCR conditions of the RT² qPCR Primer Assays provide an accurate and scalable solution for multiple gene expression analyses.

Necessary qPCR Reagents for Guaranteed Performance:

  • RT² qPCR master mix specially formulated and optimized for your real-time PCR instrument. Click [here] to select your RT² qPCR Primer Assays.

Other Reagents to Be Considered

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For more technical information about out RT² qPCR Primer Assays, see the User Manual.