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RT² Profiler PCR Array Update

May 28, 2012

Dear Scientists

We are pleased to announce that we have upgraded several features of the RT² Profiler PCR Array system. These upgrades were designed to enhance performance and reliability of this very popular gene expression analysis system.

As of May 28, 2012, the following changes have been made to the RT² Profiler PCR Array system. Rest assured, for those of you who have started experiments with our older system, those products will be available for at least six months from the launch of our upgraded system. However, we anticipate that when you do start new experiments, or should you choose to integrate the upgraded PCR Arrays into current experiments, that you will appreciate the improvements we have made to the system.

Upgrades to the RT² Profiler PCR Arrays (effective May 28, 2012)

  • Pathway Content
    • The content for all pathways come from literature, including data from previously published research. As research over the past several years has shed light on new and exciting developments in the realm of different biological situations, we have made a concerted effort to update our pathway content to better reflect the most recent findings. Essentially, better science = better content.
  • Species Specific Housekeeping Gene (HKG) selection
    • Our original selection of Housekeeping Genes for the PCR Arrays reflected the then current understanding of gene expression from a comprehensive review of published data.
      • As research methodologies continue to improve, the field of gene expression analysis has spread to more areas of research, and findings in some of the experimental systems show potential variation in the expression of genes that had been widely used as housekeeping genes used to normalize data. The improved RT² Profiler PCR Array system includes HKGs that have been selected on more stringent Quality Control criteria, which provides for genes that are consistently expressed across a greater range of sample types, experimental conditions, and replicates.
  • Assay Design Algorithm
    • Based our extensive experience working with thousands of primer assays, we have improved our assay design algorithm, taking considerations of RNA secondary structures and updated SNP information, to further increase the detection sensitivity of our assays.
  • Inert Dye
    • An inert dye has been added to every well of the RT² Profiler PCR Array. This dye improves our manufacturing quality control, but does not interfere with assay performance.

We will continue to manufacture the existing RT² Profiler PCR Array products through December 1, 2012, but we encourage researchers to move to the updated RT² Profiler PCR Arrays. For researchers who are in the middle of important research experiments, we will continue to support you as you complete your study. We do ask that you contact our applications scientists to discuss your projects and how we can help you transition to the updated RT² Profiler PCR Array System.

Please contact our Application Scientists with any questions at:


Shankar Sellappan, Ph.D.
Global Product Manager