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Cell-Based Assays for Pathway Analysis

QIAGEN's cell-based assays offer the widest selection of pathway activity assays in the world. The Cignal Reporter System measures pathway activation using rigorously engineered transcription factor reporters available in either a DNA-based or lentiviral delivery format.

Cignal™ Reporter System:

Measure cellular signaling with either a luciferase or GFP-based reporters. View the entire list of 45 pathways or 10-Pathway Arrays.

Cell-Based Assay Accessories:

Transfection Optimization Reporter Array - Determine the most efficient transfection protocol for your next reporter array experiment

Transfection Reagent - High Efficiency and Low Toxicity Reagents for delivering DNA reporters, shRNA plasmids, siRNAs

Transduction Reagent - Increase the efficency of lentiviral delivery

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