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EpiTect ChIP ChIP-Grade Antibody Kits

The EpiTect ChIP ChIP-Grade Antibody Kits provide the specific antibodies, control IgGs, and positive and negative real-time qPCR control primers, for a complete and reliable analysis of chromatin IP DNA. The antibody kits available are for transcription factors, modified or unmodified histones and other nuclear factors. Both the ChIP-grade antibodies and control IgGs have been rigorously validated for their specificity and efficiency in chromatin IP experiments using different chromatin sources. These kits are the first ones in the market that include positive and negative control qPCR primers, insuring the accuracy of ChIP analysis. Please note that the ChIP-Grade Antibody Kits are guaranteed to yield the highest signal-to-noise ratios when combined with the EpiTect ChIP One-Day Kit. Learn more.

Why use EpiTect ChIP ChIP-Grade Antibody Kits?

  • Convenience: Experimentally validated, ready-to-use ChIP-grade antibodies
  • Sensitivity and Specificity: Qualified ChIP-grade antibodies with high efficiency and low background
  • Reliability: Appropriate positive and negative control real-time qPCR primers are included

EpiTect ChIP Transcription Factor ChIP-Grade Antibody Kits

Antibody Name Catalog Number, Human or Mouse
Polymerase II GAH-111 GAM-111
p53 GAH-112

EpiTect ChIP Histone ChIP-Grade Antibody Kits

Antibody Name Modifications Catalog Number, Human or Mouse
H3ac Acetylation GAH-7201 GAM-7201
H3K9ac GAH-1209 GAM-1209
H4ac GAH-0202 GAM-0202
H3K4me1 Methylation GAH-5207
H3K4me2 GAH-3203 GAM-3203
H3K4me3 GAH-8208 GAM-8208
H3K9me1 GAH-5210 GAM-5210
H3K9me2 GAH-8211 GAM-8211
H3K9me3 GAH-6204 GAM-6204
H3K27me3 GAH-9205 GAM-9205
H3K36me3 GAH-1212 GAM-1212
H3K79me3 GAH-4213 GAM-4213
H4K20me3 GAH-7214 GAM-7214
H3 Unmodified Control GAH-2206 GAM-2206


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