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Accessories, Equipment & Materials Required

Our convenient and high-quality real-time PCR accessory products complete the ChIP PCR Arrays and the qPCR Primers. The other components needed from SABiosciences for a successful real-time PCR based ChIP PCR Arrays are a SYBR® Green qPCR Master Mix, EpiTect ChIP One-Day Kit and Antibody Kit. A real-time PCR instrument with a standard 96- or 384-well block is required to perform the analysis.

Required Accessories:
For a Complete ChIP PCR System, the following reagents are needed.

1. EpiTect ChIP One-Day Kit: 334471
Sufficient for 12 Chromatin Immunoprecipitations & DNA Purifications

2. EpiTect ChIP Antibody Kit
Experimentally validated ChIP-grade antibody of interest, control IgG, and control PCR primer sets are included.

3. RT² SYBR Green qPCR Master Mix
Match with your instrument, 200-reaction scale
Order one mix for each pair of 96-well or each individual 384-well PCR Array

4. EpiTect ChIP qPCR Primers
Experimentally validated genome-wide qPCR primers specially designed for the analysis of ChIP enriched genomic DNA.

5. EpiTect ChIP PCR Array
Simultaneous analysis of multiple genomic sites bound to proteins with Real-Time PCR precision.

6. ChIP PCR Data Analysis - Free

Any kit or application involving quantitative real time PCR requires a real time PCR instrument (a thermal cycler with fluorescent detection). Our reagents are optimized for high performance on all 96-well or 384-well ABI, BioRad, Stratagene, Eppendorf, and Roche real-time PCR instruments.


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