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EpiTect ChIP PCR Array Data Analysis

These integrated Excel-based templates automatically perform all ΔCt based calculations from your raw threshold cycle value data to determine the enrichment at specific genomic loci. Simply paste in the data and gene list from the array used in your experiment. The Excel template normalizes the Ct values of specific antibody and control IgG with the input values to calculate and report the percentage of the enrichment. The Excel file delivers results in a tabular format annotated to the gene list.


  • Ease of Use: Simply paste in your data and gene list.
  • Convenience: Results automatically calculated, analyzed, and annotated.

Find the Correct Template for Your Array:

  1. Identify the number genes and the plate type from the Product Specification Sheet.
  2. Click the appropriate link in the table below.
  3. Download and save the correct Excel-file template.
Gene Panel (#) Plate Type (Format) File Download
ChIP PCR Array 96-Well (A, C, D, F) Analyze Data
ChIP PCR Array 384-Well (E, G) Analyze Data
EpiTect ChIP PCR Assays Data Analysis Excel Template Analyze Data


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