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Chromatin IP (ChIP) and qPCR Assay System

The EpiTect ChIP qPCR System provides a complete platform for the in vivo analysis of the dynamic interaction between DNA and nuclear proteins that play a central role in gene regulation. This technology is the first integrated system in the world for chromatin IP DNA preparation and real-time PCR analysis.

How it works


  • Complete Solution:
    Standardized system from chromatin IP to qPCR including Data Analysis
  • Scalable:
    Focus on one region with ChIP qPCR Assays or multiple regions with ChIP PCR Arrays
  • Fast and Accurate
    From Sample Isolation to Fold Change Results in 1 to 2 days.
  • EpiTect ChIP PCR Array
    Pathway-focused analysis of DNA-histone, DNA-transcription factors, and other DNA-protein interactions, choose from catalog pathways or create a custom array

Research Area EpiTect ChIP PCR Arrays
DNA-Histone Interactions Histone Epigenetic Regulation PCR Arrays
Transcription Factor Binding Custom Promoter Binding PCR Arrays
Follow up and Validation for ChIP on chip and ChIP-Seq Custom Gene Regulation PCR Arrays

  • EpiTect ChIP One-Day Kit
    Streamlined, optimized, 6-hour ChIP protocol with a high yield of high quality DNA
  • EpiTect ChIP Antibody Kits
    Includes experimentally validated ChIP-grade antibodies with control IgG and positive and negative control PCR primer sets
  • EpiTect ChIP PCR Primers
    Experimentally validated genome-wide qPCR primers specifically designed for the analysis of ChIP-enriched genomic DNA
  • ChIP PCR Data Analysis
    Free Excel-based tool for conversion of your raw Ct values into easy to use and practical readouts of percentage of input and fold difference
  • EpiTect ChIP Search Portal
    Free, easy-to-use Web tool to find potential regulators of your gene of interest and PCR primers for the associated promoter binding sites by searching gene name, transcription factor, or chromosomal position
  • RT² SYBR™ Green PCR Mastermix
    Ready-to-use and validated for ChIP DNA analysis, available with and without reference dye.


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