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RT² qPCR Master Mixes

Benefits of SABiosciences' SYBR® Green PCR Master Mixes:

Accuracy: Guarantees single specific products with minimal primer dimers.
Reliability: Maximizes amplification efficiencies.
Convenience: Specially formulated all-in-one mixes that match the instrument in your lab.
Guaranteed: ChIP-qPCR Assay performance is uniquely designed for this chemistry.

To learn more about their performance, see our SYBR® Green Master Mix Brochure.

Find the qPCR master mix for the instrument available in your lab:

RT² SYBR Green/ ROX qPCR Master Mix:
Specifically designed for:
All ABI and Stratagene Instrumentation
Eppendorf Mastercycler® ep realplex Instruments with ROX filter set
Cat. No. Size
For 200 25-µl reactions (2.5 ml)
For 2000 25-µl reactions (25 ml)
RT² SYBR Green / Fluorescein qPCR Master Mix: 
Specifically designed for:
BioRad iCylcer® MyiQ® and iQ5 Instrumentation
Cat. No. Size
For 200 25-µl reactions (2.5 ml)
For 2000 25-µl reactions (25 ml)
RT² SYBR Green qPCR Master Mix:
Specifically designed for instrumentation that does not require a reference dye:
BioRad (MJ Research) Opticon, Opticon 2, and Chromo 4
Roche LightCycler® 480 System
Eppendorf Mastercycler® ep realplex Instruments without ROX filter set
Cat. No. Size
For 200 25-µl reactions (2.5 ml)
For 2000 25-µl reactions (25 ml)

Master Mix quality plays a critical role in the performance of SYBR Green-based real-time PCR. The key to obtaining accurate results is a tightly-controlled hot start enzyme that eliminates the amplification of primer dimers and other secondary products. Antibody-based technologies have worked well in the past for most PCR applications. However, these enzymes too often "leak" and synthesize too many non-specific amplicons to meet the more rigorous and demanding standards set by SYBR Green real-time detection. After years of experience in designing and experimentally testing thousands of PCR primers for entire genomes, SABiosciences has developed a qPCR master mix formulation that provides the most accurate SYBR Green real-time PCR results.

Unique HotStart Polymerase and Buffer Components

The RT² qPCR Master Mixes from SABiosciences offer superior specificity and amplification efficiency thanks to our high-quality chemically-modified HotStart Taq DNA polymerase. Hot start enzymes found in other sources of master mix, such as the antibody-based technologies, still retain residual activity in their "inactive" state at low temperature. Under these conditions, non-specific priming events are extended to form templates which are then amplified into non-specific products that artificially contribute to the SYBR Green signal and cause false positive results. Our tightly controlled HotStart enzyme lacks any activity before being heated and therefore minimizes the amplification of non-specific PCR products.

The RT² qPCR Master Mix formulations also include other proprietary chemical components that significantly minimize primer dimer formation ensuring high amplification efficiencies for even the most difficult to amplify genomic DNA sequences.

All-in-One Master Mixes: Instrument Reference Dyes Included

Our RT² qPCR master mixes are tailor-made and optimized for the specific real time system in your lab. These cost-effective all-in-one PCR master mixes not only contain SYBR Green, optimized buffer, nucleotides and our high-quality HotStart DNA polymerase; they also include the appropriate reference dye specifically used by individual real time systems to normalize their optics. Just add your primer pairs and templates, and you're ready for PCR.

Complete your assays using the ChIP-qPCR Assays with the appropriate RT² qPCR Master Mix tailor-made to match the real-time instrument in your laboratory.

SYBR® is a registered trademark of Molecular Probes.
ABI® and TaqMan® are registered trademarks of Applied Biosystems.
iCycler® is a registered trademark of Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.


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