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ChIP-qPCR Positive Control Primers

SABiosciences' ChIP-qPCR Positive Control Primers, when used with an appropriate ChIP DNA fraction, are designed to measure the amount of basal transcriptional machinery binding at the proximal promoter of constitutively active housekeeping genes such as GAPDH. The tedious, multi-step ChIP preparative procedure and variety of binding properties for nuclear factors under investigation demands a comprehensive positive control for insuring that the ChIP process yields quantifiable results. The ideal solution is to ChIP RNA Polymerase II, the enzyme that normally transcribes messenger RNA, and to detect DNA near its initiation binding site in a promoter known to be actively transcribed, such as a housekeeping gene. A poor enrichment result from a Pol II ChIP analysis means that the ChIP procedure failed to effectively enrich the cross-linked DNA material.

The ChIP-qPCR Positive Control Primers detect genomic DNA within one kb of the transcription start site of a constitutively active promoter of highly expressed housekeeping genes where RNA Polymerase II binding should occur. High levels of Pol II ChIP enrichment compared to a non-immune ChIP enrichment, determined using the ChIP-qPCR Positive Control Primers, indicate a successfully executed ChIP procedure. Include the ChIP-qPCR Positive Control Primers in your ChIP experiment to insure the quality of your ChIP DNA material and process.

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