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qBiomarker Copy Number PCR Array Data Analysis

This integrated web-based software package for the qBiomarker Copy Number PCR Array automatically performs all ΔΔCt based fold-change calculations from your uploaded raw threshold cycle data. Simply providing the array's catalog number annotates the results to the correct gene list. Make your copy number analysis as quick and painless as possible with the qBiomarker Copy Number PCR Arrays and the qBiomarker Data Analysis Web Portal.


  • Ease of Use: Upload data and results are automatically analyzed.
  • Convenience: Web-based application requires no downloading or installation.
  • Security: Single session-based operation means no data is stored on a server.

Downloadable Excel-based PCR Array Data Analysis Workbooks

If you prefer a non-web based analysis alternative, download the ExcelŽ workbooks below. Be sure to save it to your local computer before opening the file and entering PCR Array data for analysis.

23-Locus PCR Arrays 

For 384-well plates using the 4 x 96 array format (Four Samples were used on a single 384-well plate), convert your 384-well raw data into four sets of 96-well data with the Patch below. After using the patch to reformat your data, copy the CT data into the 23-Locus PCR Array Data Analysis Excel Workbook to perform the analysis.

Patch converter for 23-Locus data on 384 well plates

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