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qBiomarker Copy Number Products

The qBiomarker Copy Number PCR Arrays and Assays are designed to measure copy number variations or copy number alterations associated with a disease or signaling pathway. The changes in gene copy number are selected from comprehensive curated databases (such as the DGV database), literature reviews, frequency of occurrence and functional relevance. Learn more about how these arrays and assay perform. How It Works.

Pathway Species Array ID
Kinases & Phosphatases Human VAHS-0001
WNT Signaling Pathway Human VAHS-0002
Cancer Species Array ID
Gastric Cancer Human VAHS-0052
Glioma Cancer Human VAHS-0053
Pancreatic Cancer Human VAHS-0054
Breast Cancer Human VAHS-0055
Lung Cancer Human VAHS-0056
Ovarian Cancer Human VAHS-0057
Prostate Cancer Human VAHS-0058
Disease Species Array ID
Intellectual Disability Human VAHS-0503
Birth Defects Human VAHS-0510
Alzheimer's disease Human VAHS-0502
Autism Spectrum Disorders 384HC Human VAHS-3501
Schizophrenia Human VAHS-0504

Species: Human Mouse
Gene Symbol:  
Refseq / Transcript :    
NCBI Gene ID:    
Chromosome Start End
Assay ID: