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Mix-N-Match ELISArray Kits

If one of our cataloged panels does not suit your needs, our Mix-N-Match ELISArray Kit service can help. Choose your favorite set of up to twelve cytokines or chemokines. We will then arrange the 8-well strips into a microplate for you. The optimized combination of high-quality capture and detection antibodies and colorimetric detection reagents provide each Mix-N-Match ELISArray Kits with the best sensitivity and linearity available in the market. The quality, performance, and protocols of the Mix-N-Match ELISArrays are identical to those of our cataloged products.

Why Mix-N-Match ELISArray Kits?

  • Modify the content of a cataloged Multi-Analyte ELISAray Kit

  • Choose your own combination of cytokine or chemokine ELISA strips

How to Order a Mix-N-Match ELISArray Kit:

  1. Please call Technical Support 1-888-503-3187 to talk to your account manager who will assist you throughout the Mix-N-Match ELISA Kit ordering process.

  2. Develop the protein content for your Mix-N-Match ELISArray Kit.
    See the lists below for the content of existing ELISArrays and the available individual cytokine and chemokine assays.

  3. Email the list to your Account Manager as an attached Excel file.

  4. Your Account Manager will contact you as soon as possible to finalize your array design and to provide a price quote.

  5. Mix-N-Match ELISArray Kits will be shipped in 3-5 days upon finalization of the order.

Start with the pre-designed content of one of the arrays below. Replace unwanted cytokines or chemokines with replicates of others in the same list, or from other arrays for the same species.

Human Autoimmune Response
Human Common Cytokines
Human Inflammatory Cytokines
Human Th1 / Th2 / Th17 Cytokines
Human TLR-induced Cytokines I: Viral-induced
Human TLR-induced Cytokines II: Microbial-induced
Human Common Chemokines
Mouse Autoimmune Response
Mouse Common Cytokines
Mouse Inflammatory Cytokines
Mouse Th1 / Th2 / Th17 Cytokines
Mouse TLR-induced Cytokines I: Viral-induced
Mouse TLR-induced Cytokines II: Microbial-induced
Mouse Common Chemokines
Rat Inflammatory Cytokines

Choose up to twelve either human or mouse cytokines or chemokines from the list below. Or choose a fewer number to be characterized with replicates (e.g., 2-by-6 or 3-by-4).

Single Analyte ELISArray™ Kits

IL1A Human Mouse Rat 
IL1B Human Mouse  
IL2 Human Mouse Rat  
IL4 Human Mouse Rat 
IL5 Human Mouse  
IL6 Human Mouse Rat
IL8 Human   
IL10 Human Mouse Rat
IL12 Human Mouse Rat
IL13 Human Mouse Rat
IL17A Human Mouse  
IL23   Mouse  
IFNγ Human Mouse Rat
TNFα Human Mouse Rat
GM-CSF Human Mouse Rat
G-CSF Human Mouse  
MIP-1a Human Mouse  
MIP-1b Human Mouse  
MCP1 Human Mouse  
TGFβ1 Human Mouse  
RANTES Human Mouse Rat
IP-10 Human Mouse   
I-TAC Human  
MIG Human Mouse   
Eotaxin Human Mouse  
TARC Human  Mouse  
MDC Human Mouse   
GROa Human  
IFNα Human  
KC   Mouse  
SDF-1   Mouse  
6Ckine   Mouse  

For complete details or to get a specific quotation, please contact a Technical Support Representative at support@sabiosciences.com or 888-503-3187.
Pricing is for US Customers only. Non-US Customer, please contact your distributor for pricing and availability inquiries.


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