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Illumina Whole Genome Expression Profiling

Illumina Expression Analysis
SABiosciences Service Core offers whole genome gene expression profiling services based on Illumina's industry leading iScan platform and direct hybridization assay-based whole genome expression analysis beadchips. Whole-Genome Expression BeadChips allow higher-confidence target discovery, disease classification, and pathway studies. As an Illumina certified and trained team of scientists, SABiosciences provides reliable results using any of the gene expression chips currently available from Illumina, such as those listed below:

HumanHT-12 v4 Expression Beadchip: This chip inspects greater than 31,000 annotated genes with more than 47,000 probes derived from the National Center for Biotechnology Information Reference Sequence (NCBI) RefSeq Release 38 and other sources. This new BeadChip replaces the WG6 v3 and HT-12 v3 BeadChips and provides more relevant results through genomewide transcriptional coverage of genes, gene candidates, and splice variants.

HumanRef-8 v3 Expression BeadChip: This chip contains > 24,000 probes based on the NCBI RefSeq database (release 22).

MouseWG-6 v2 Expression BeadChip: This chip enables the profiling of > 47,000 transcripts. BeadChip content was created by combining proven sources, including the MEEBO set, the RIKEN®FANTOM 2 database and the NCBI RefSeq database.

MouseRef-8 v2 Expression BeadChip: This chip contains > 25,000 probes based on the NCBI RefSeq database (release 22).

Highlights of SABiosciences Illumina expression profiling services:

  • Illumina trained and certified technical staff
  • Project completion and success ensured with guaranteed fast delivery
  • Outstanding data quality with an average 30-fold redundancy and 100% hybridization-based array quality control
  • Each project is thoroughly reviewed and controlled for quality



Sample Processing Data Delivery Pricing

Sample Processing

If the submitted samples are total RNA, SABiosciences prefers a minimum of 1 microgram of RNA per sample at a minimum concentration of 50 nanograms per microliter. If the samples contain less RNA or the RNA concentration is below 50 nanograms per microliter then please contact Technical Support at 301-682-9200. SABiosciences recommends a Bioanalyzer RIN of no less than 7, if the customer is going to perform a quality analysis. SABiosciences will measure the RNA concentration using a spectrophotometer, and assess the quality of the submitted RNA using an Agilent Bioanalyzer.

If the submitted samples are cells or tissue, SABiosciences Service Core can perform the RNA extractions. The recommended amounts of cells or tissue and the appropriate shipping conditions are described here.

Sample processing at SABiosciences Service Core for Illumina gene expression includes: sample labeling, hybridization, beadchip wash and staining, signal detection, beadchip imaging and data analysis.

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Sample Processing Data Delivery Pricing
  The Service Core will provide a project report that contains: (i) all data related to the quality control and quantitation of the total RNA and amplified RNA samples that were used in the project; (ii) a summary of the internal control features that are part of each Illumina based gene expression experiment;(iii) the original Illumina iScan output data files (.idat, .jpeg and .xml files) generated after scanning the BeadChips, (iv) an Excel workbook containing the normalized expression data and lists of 2-fold up/down regulated genes (generated on GenomeStudio). This final report can be accessed on a secure FTP site.

In addition, scatter plots, bar lots, line plots, box plots, heat maps and cluster analysis dendrograms are available as custom data analysis options.

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Sample Processing Data Delivery Pricing
Illumina Gene Expression Services:
For Illumina Gene Expression Services, SABiosciences charges a per sample processing fee based on the number of samples. Therefore, please contact a Technical Sales Representative.

Related Services:
RNA Isolation and Quality Assessment fee based on the number of samples
Initial Set Up and Consultation Fee

Contact a Technical Support representative to discuss your specific needs. For complete details or a quotation, please contact a Technical Support representative at support@sabiosciences.com or 301-682-9200.

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