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Methyl PCR Assay

Copy Number Assays Mutation Detection Methyl PCR Assay
SABiosciences service core offers PCR assay services based on our EpiTect Methyl DNA Methylation PCR System. This innovative technology enables fast and accurate detection of CpG island DNA methylation profiles of individual genes. The technology is ideal for profiling DNA methylation and biomarker development for studying cancer, stem cell growth, differentiation and disease. SABiosciences' validated procedures and optimized processes yield the highest data quality and fastest turn-around time. Learn how the EpiTect Methyl DNA Methylation PCR System works.

Description of services

Genomic DNA isolation service (optional)

DNA methylation individual PCR assay service

Data Analysis


Sample Processing Data Delivery Pricing

Sample Processing
Submitted Samples are Cells or Tissue:
     Genomic DNA isolation service
     Recommended Sample Isolation and Storage Procedure

Submitted Samples are Total DNA:
     Recommended DNA Isolation methods
     Quantification and estimating DNA purity using a spectrophotometer
Assessing DNA quality

Experimental Procedure
Sample preparation and real-time PCR detection on EpiTect Methyl PCR array, custom PCR array or individual PCR assays
Data analysis

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Sample Processing Data Delivery Pricing
  Data in an electronic form can be downloaded from a secure FTP website or delivered via email. A complete data and experiment report includes:

Raw CT values
ΔCT, for calibrator and samples against endogenous control
Excel spreadsheet

View a sample data set (.PDF) (email: support@sabiosciences.com)

Custom data format service is also available.

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Sample Processing Data Delivery Pricing
Genomic DNA Isolation and Quality Assessment: Please Inquire
Sample Preparation for Analysis: Please Inquire
DNA Methylation Analysis: Please Inquire (duplicate reactions performed)
Initial Set Up and Consultation: Please Inquire

Contact a Technical Support representative to order or to discuss your specific need at support@sabiosciences.com or 301-682-9200.

Service prices are volume-dependent. Progressive discounts for fees and services are available. All prices are in US Dollars. Prices are subject to change at any time without notice.

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