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Accessories, Equipment, & Materials Required

Our convenient and high-quality real-time PCR accessory products complete the EpiTect Methyl DNA Methylation PCR Arrays and the qPCR Primers. The other components needed from SABiosciences for a successful real-time PCR based methylation analysis are a SYBR® Green qPCR Master Mix and the Enzyme Kit. Materials needed from another manufacturer include a DNA Isolation Kit. Finally, a real-time PCR instrument with a standard 96- or 384-well block is required to perform the analysis.

Required Accessories:
For a Complete EpiTect Methyl DNA Methylation PCR System

1. DNA Methylation Enzyme Kit: 335452
    Sufficient for 12 DNA samples on most array formats
2. RT² SYBR Green qPCR Master Mix
    Match with your instrument, 200-reaction scale
    Order one mix for each pair of 96-well or each individual 384-well PCR Array
3. DNA Methylation PCR Array
    Analyze the DNA Methylation Status of 24 or 96 Genes Simultaneously
    Custom DNA Methylation qPCR Primers
    Analyze the DNA Methylation Status of ANY Human Gene or Genomic Sequence

Other Material Required:

DNA Isolation Kit - See User Manual for recommendations


Any kit or application involving quantitative real time PCR requires a real time PCR instrument (a thermal cycler with fluorescent detection). Our reagents are optimized for high performance on all 96-well or 384-well ABI, BioRad, Stratagene, Eppendorf, and Roche real-time PCR instruments.

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