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ELISA Related Products

Complement your ELISA experiments using one more of the following products. Further explore the expression level of your cytokine of interest or other related genes at the RNA level with real-time qRT-PCR using a pathway-focused PCR Array or individual PCR primer sets. Suppress the expression of your cytokine or another related gene using RNA interference with our SureSilencing shRNA Plasmids.

qRT-PCR & PCR Arrays
Use a flexible, inexpensive and easy-to-use real-time PCR platform to monitor the expression of individual genes or a panel of genes in the same important biological pathways related to the cytokine of interest.

SureSilencing shRNA Plasmids
Use RNA Interference to suppress the expression of a gene of interest and then study its relevant function to your experimental system.

Service Core
Get results from gene expression profiling even more quickly and easily by letting our in-house experts provide microarray hybridization and data analysis for you. Our gene expression analysis services are flexible and can be tailored to exactly meet your needs with speed, convenience and confidence.

Cytokine ELISA Kits
Single Analytes
Custom ELISArray