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Multi-Analyte ELISArray™ Kits

The ELISArray Cytokine and Chemokine Kits are the simplest simultaneous multi-analyte enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA) in the market. Highly specific capture antibodies for key cytokines & chemokines are arrayed in a 96-well plate. One easy ELISA protocol allows you to detect 12 cytokines or chemokines, all with the same development and incubation times.

Multi-Analyte ELISArray Kits:

Autoimmune Response Human Mouse  
Common Cytokines Human Mouse  
Inflammatory Cytokines Human Mouse Rat New
Th1 / Th2 / Th17 Cytokines Human Mouse  
TLR-induced Cytokines I: Viral Human Mouse  
TLR-induced Cytokines II: Microbial Human Mouse  
Common Chemokines Human Mouse  

Why ELISArray Kits?

  • Multi-Protein Flexibility: Detect up to twelve cytokines or chemokines at once using the same development or incubation time.

  • High Performance: Profile with the highest levels of sensitivity and linearity possible with screened and validated capture and detection antibodies.

  • Ease of Use: No special equipment is required, only the ELISA plate reader already in your lab.

Performance and Applications

Commercially available capture and detection antibodies are screened to achieve the best sensitivity and linearity possible for each cytokine or chemokine assay. All assays are optimized under uniform conditions to allow simultaneous detection without compromising performance. One protocol. One development time. Twelve Analytes. Best performance.
Learn how the anitbodies were screened and optimized.

Application Example
The ELISArray Kits can be used for autoimmune and immune disorder, cancer, immunology, infectious disease, and many other areas of biological and medical research. Use them for any application normally analyzed by individual ELISA kits. For example, we have used an ELISArray Kit to profile multiple cytokines secreted by stimulated PBMC.
View an ELISArray Kit Application Example.

How It Works

Simple Workflow
The standard sandwich ELISA protocol is used with the ELISArray Kits.
No special equipment is required, only the ELISA plate reader in your lab.
See the ELISArray Kit Protocol Overview.

You can easily perform an ELISArray Kit experiment in your own laboratory, or customers in the United States can send their samples to us and take advantage of our ELISArray Services. Contact us for details.

Well Designed Layout With Mix-N-Match Flexibility
Each strips represents one cytokine or chemokine. Characterize six samples per strip.
Each ELISArray Kit characterizes 12 cytokines or chemokines in six samples.
Order an ELISArray Kit with your specified setup.


Technical Support

Working Protocol Required Reagents & Instruments
Overview of ELISArray Kits  Performance Data
User Manual Application Example


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Purchase Support
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