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RT² First Strand Kits

SABiosciences RT² First Strand Kits provide a rapid and convenient procedure for efficient cDNA synthesis from mRNA for use in gene expression assays. The kits contain an effective genomic DNA elimination step and a built-in External RNA Control. These all-in-one kits have been designed and optimized for real-time PCR-based gene expression analysis with SABiosciences' RT² Profiler™ PCR Arrays, RT² qPCR Primer Assays, and for use with other commercially available gene expression analysis assays.
RT² First Strand cDNA Kit

Required for:

  • RT² Profiler PCR Arrays
  • RT² qPCR Primer Assays
RT² HT First Strand cDNA Kit


  • For use with RNA from up to 96 samples
RT² Easy First Strand cDNA Kit


  • General Fast mRNA to cDNA conversion
RT² Microfluidics qPCR Reagent System


  • For use with the Fluidigm BioMark 96 x 96 Chip

Benefits of the RT² First Strand Kit

  • Eliminate False Positives: Optimized DNA removal buffer prevents false positive signals due to amplification of genomic contamination
  • Insure RT Efficiency & Consistency: Built-in external RNA control verifies lack of enzyme inhibitors and efficient reverse transcription
  • Easy and Fast: Everything included in one kit to eliminate genomic DNA and complete first strand cDNA synthesis in just 20 minutes
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