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How It Works: miScript miRNA PCR Arrays

miScript miRNA PCR Arrays contain miScript Primer Assays that have been arrayed into miRNome, high content, and biologically or disease relevant focused panels. These PCR arrays are provided in ready-to-use 96-well plate, 384-well plate, and 100-well Rotor-Disc formats compatible with all popular real-time PCR instruments. All miScript Arrays are partially or fully customizable for content. Our proprietary miRNA detection technologies enable uniformly high PCR amplification efficiencies, allowing simultaneous detection of any or all miRNA species under uniform cycling conditions. Furthermore, each assay in a miScript miRNA PCR Array has been bench verified to ensure sensitive and specific detection of mature miRNA by real-time PCR. The above features place miScript miRNA PCR Arrays at the forefront of miRNA expression profiling technologies, whether you are interested in miRNomes or our growing collection of biologically relevant, focused PCR array panels. See Our Complete List of miRNA PCR Arrays

What instruments do I need?

miScript miRNA PCR Arrays are compatible with a wide range of instruments that use either 96-well plates, 384-well plates, or 100-well Rotor Discs. See Instrument-Specific Setup Instructions

How It Works:

What miScript miRNA PCR Arrays offer?
   Guaranteed Performance* - ready-to-use for gene expression analysis
   Time & Cost Saving - less than 30 min hands-on time to analyze 84 or 372 miRNA
   Simple Data Analysis - easy-to-use Excel-Based Data Analysis Template

Layout and Controls: miScript miRNA PCR Arrays are available in 96-well, 384-well, and Rotor-Disc 100 formats. Included on each array is a set of six normalization controls as well as controls to assess RNA recovery, reverse transcription performance, and PCR performance.

You can easily perform a PCR Array experiment in your own laboratory, or send your samples to us and take advantage of our PCR Array Gene Expression Analysis Services.

*: when using the Complete miRNA PCR Array System.

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