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miRNA expression profiling and quantification using the miScript PCR System

Mature microRNAs (miRNAs) are naturally occurring, 22-nucleotide, noncoding RNAs that mediate posttranscriptional gene regulation. miRNAs play an important role in many biological processes, including differentiation and development, cell signaling, and response to infection. Overwhelming evidence indicates that dysregulation of miRNA expression is a cause or indicator of several disease processes, including many cancers. The discovery that circulating miRNAs are detectable in serum and plasma, and that their expression varies as a result of disease, presents great potential for circulating miRNA expression signatures to be used as biomarkers in disease diagnosis and prevention. Success of miRNA research relies on access to high-performance tools and technologies. QIAGEN is the one-stop provider for all your miRNA purification, quantification, and functional characterization needs.

The miScript PCR System allows sensitive and specific detection and quantification of miRNA using SYBR Green real-time PCR. Regardless of whether you are interested in the expression of one miRNA or the entire miRNome, or whether you have only 1 ng of total RNA or 10 �g of total RNA, the miScript PCR System is the ideal miRNA expression quantification technology. Combined with industry-leading solutions for miRNA purification, the miScript PCR System delivers a sample-to-results solution for miRNA expression analysis. Each system component has been rigorously optimized to ensure unparalleled performance and results. With these technologies, you can accurately quantify miRNA expression in your cell line, tissue, FFPE, or body fluid of interest and be at the forefront of a rapidly growing, exciting scientific field.

The miScript PCR System offers:

  • Straight-forward Workflows � �Sample-to-results in less than one day, including free data analysis, regardless of sample type or the amount of sample available
  • Leading miRNA Expression Profiling Solutions � miRNome and biologically relevant pathway-focused panels of mature miRNA primer assays
  • Up-to-date Assay Coverage for Mature miRNAs � Individual primers assays for the most relevant miRNAs annotated in miRBase
  • 100% Validated Primer Assays All primers assays are designed, bench validated, and quality controlled to ensure sensitive and specific miRNA detection

The miScript PCR System comprises:

miScript miRNA PCR Arrays
miRNomes and Pathways
miScript Primer Assays
Individual Mature miRNA Assays
miScript II RT Kit
Single-Step cDNA Synthesis
miScript PreAMP PCR Kit
For Limiting Samples; Reagents and Primer Pools
miScript miRNA Mimics
Mimic mature miRNAs
miScript miRNA Inhibitors
Inhibit mature miRNAs
miRNeasy Kits
miRNA Purification
miScript SYBR Green PCR Kit
Real-Time PCR Reagents

*Important: miScript PCR System components are NOT interchangeable with RT� miRNA PCR Array components or cDNAs prepared from RT� miRNA First Strand Kits. To finish established projects initiated with the RT� miRNA System, researchers may continue to reorder (for a limited time) RT� miRNA PCR Arrays, miRNA qPCR Assays and RT� miRNA First Strand Kits by contacting SABiosciences at 888-503-3187 or support@sabiosciences.com. To learn more about the RT� miRNA PCR Array Update, click here.

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