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Real-Time PCR profiling and quantification of miRNAs using miScript miRNA PCR Arrays

Dear Scientist,

We are pleased to announce that the miScript PCR System now includes the tools and advantages previously afforded by the RT˛ miRNA PCR System. The next generation miScript PCR System now comprises the miScript II RT Kit, miScript PreAMP PCR Kit and Primer Mixes, miScript miRNA PCR Array, miScript Primer Assay or miScript Precursor Assay, miScript SYBR Green PCR Kit, and miScript miRNA PCR Array data analysis tool.

The new miScript PCR System meets the distinctive needs of miRNA quantification studies using real-time PCR. The dual buffer system provides industry leading reverse transcription chemistries optimized for specific mature miRNA profiling (the patent pending miScript HiSpec Buffer) and for Flexible quantification of all RNA molecules (miScript HiFlex Buffer). The new generation of PCR arrays (miScript miRNA PCR Arrays) provides industry leading species coverage, assay coverage, and biologically relevant content.

Advantages of new miScript PCR System:

  • Integrated with QIAGEN’s gold standard miRNA isolation technologies — High-quality total RNA, including miRNA from miRNeasy Kits and PAXgene® Kits can be rapidly quantified using the new miScript PCR System.
  • 100% Validated Primer Assays All primers assays are designed, thoroughly tested, and quality controlled to ensure sensitive and specific miRNA detection
  • Leading miRNA Expression Profiling Solutions — miRNome and biological relevant pathway-focused panels of mature miRNA primer assays for human, mouse, rat, rhesus macaque, and dog
  • Up-to-date Assay Coverage for mature miRNAs — Individual primers assays for the most relevant miRNAs annotated in miRBase

Note: The miScript miRNA PCR System components are NOT interchangeable with RT˛ miRNA PCR Array components or cDNAs prepared from RT˛ miRNA First Strand Kits. Nonetheless, rest assured that the new miScript miRNA PCR Arrays provide results equivalent to their predecessors, the RT2 miRNA PCR Arrays:

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miScript miRNA PCR Arrays perform strikingly similar to RT2 miRNA PCR Arrays. cDNA was prepared from heart total RNA and skeletal muscle total RNA in a miScript II reverse transcription reaction using HiSpec Buffer and an RT2 miRNA reverse transcription reaction. The miScript II cDNA was then used as a template in real-time PCR using the miFinder miScript miRNA PCR Array and the RT2 miRNA cDNA was used as a template in real-time PCR using the miFinder RT2 miRNA PCR Array. In panels A and B, ΔCT values (data normalized to a snoRNA) for each system were plotted for both heart and skeletal muscle. In panel C, the expression values (ΔΔCT) in the heart tissue relative to the skeletal muscle tissue were plotted for each system. Collectively, these data demonstrate that both the miScript miRNA PCR Arrays and RT2 miRNA PCR Arrays yield practically identical biological results.

For researchers who are in the middle of important research products, we will continue to support you as you complete your study. We do ask that you contact our applications scientists to discuss your projects and how we can help you transition to the new, improved, and expanded miScript PCR System. We understand that any change in reagents during a research project can be challenging and we are committed to providing support during and after this transition. If you have any question, comments or concerns, please contact our technical support so we can help with your miRNA detection needs.

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