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The qBiomarker Mutation PCR Arrays and Assays are designed to analyze mutations reported in genes associated with disease processes. The mutations are selected from comprehensive curated databases (such as the COSMIC database), literature reviews, frequency of occurrence and functional relevance. Learn more about how these arrays and assay perform. How It Works.

Gene Name


Mutation Assays

ABL1 Human ABL1 Mutations
ADAMTS10 Human ADAMTS10 Mutations
ADAMTS19 Human ADAMTS19 Mutations
AKT1 Human AKT1 Mutations
AKT3 Human AKT3 Mutations
ALK Human ALK Mutations
APC Human APC Mutations
ARID1A Human ARID1A Mutations
ASXL1 Human ASXL1 Mutations
ATM Human ATM Mutations
ATRX Human ATRX Mutations
AXIN1 Human AXIN1 Mutations
BCOR Human BCOR Mutations
BRAF Human BRAF Mutations
BRCA1 Human BRCA1 Mutations
CARD11 Human CARD11 Mutations
CBL Human CBL Mutations
CDC73 Human CDC73 Mutations
CDH1 Human CDH1 Mutations
CDKN2A Human CDKN2A Mutations
CEBPA Human CEBPA Mutations
CHRM3 Human CHRM3 Mutations
CREBBP Human CREBBP Mutations
CRLF2 Human CRLF2 Mutations
CSF1R Human CSF1R Mutations
CTNNB1 Human CTNNB1 Mutations
CYLD Human CYLD Mutations
DNMT3A Human DNMT3A Mutations
EGFR Human EGFR Mutations
EIF4EBP3 Human EIF4EBP3 Mutations
EP300 Human EP300 Mutations
ERBB2 Human ERBB2 Mutations
EZH2 Human EZH2 Mutations
FAM123B Human FAM123B Mutations
FBXW7 Human FBXW7 Mutations
FGFR1 Human FGFR1 Mutations
FGFR2 Human FGFR2 Mutations
FGFR3 Human FGFR3 Mutations
FLT3 Human FLT3 Mutations
FOXL2 Human FOXL2 Mutations
GATA1 Human GATA1 Mutations
GATA2 Human GATA2 Mutations
GNA11 Human GNA11 Mutations
GNAQ Human GNAQ Mutations
GNAS Human GNAS Mutations
GRIN2A Human GRIN2A Mutations
HNF1A Human HNF1A Mutations
HRAS Human HRAS Mutations
IDH1 Human IDH1 Mutations
IDH2 Human IDH2 Mutations
IL7R Human IL7R Mutations
IRS1 Human IRS1 Mutations
IRS2 Human IRS2 Mutations
IRS4 Human IRS4 Mutations
JAK2 Human JAK2 Mutations
JAK3 Human JAK3 Mutations
KIT Human KIT Mutations
KRAS Human KRAS Mutations
LRRN3 Human LRRN3 Mutations
MAP2K4 Human MAP2K4 Mutations
MAPKAP1 Human MAPKAP1 Mutations
MEK1 Human MEK1 Mutations
MEN1 Human MEN1 Mutations
MET Human MET Mutations
MLH1 Human MLH1 Mutations
MLST8 Human MLST8 Mutations
MMP11 Human MMP11 Mutations
MPL Human MPL Mutations
MSH2 Human MSH2 Mutations
MTOR Human MTOR Mutations
MYD88 Human MYD88 Mutations
NF1 Human NF1 Mutations
NF2 Human NF2 Mutations
NFE2L2 Human NFE2L2 Mutations
NOS1 Human NOS1 Mutations
NOTCH1 Human NOTCH1 Mutations
NOTCH2 Human NOTCH2 Mutations
NPM1 Human NPM1 Mutations
NRAS Human NRAS Mutations
NTRK3 Human NTRK3 Mutations
PAX5 Human PAX5 Mutations
PDGFRA Human PDGFRA Mutations
PDGFRB Human PDGFRB Mutations
PDK2 Human PDK2 Mutations
PDK3 Human PDK3 Mutations
PIK3CA Human PIK3CA Mutations
PIK3R1 Human PIK3R1 Mutations
PIK3R5 Human PIK3R5 Mutations
PPP2R1A Human PPP2R1A Mutations
PRDM1 Human PRDM1 Mutations
PTCH1 Human PTCH1 Mutations
PTEN Human PTEN Mutations
PTPN11 Human PTPN11 Mutations
PTPN23 Human PTPN23 Mutations
PTPRB Human PTPRB Mutations
PTPRD Human PTPRD Mutations
PTPRS Human PTPRS Mutations
PTPRT Human PTPRT Mutations
RB1 Human RB1 Mutations
RET Human RET Mutations
RHEB Human RHEB Mutations
RHOA Human RHOA Mutations
RICTOR Human RICTOR Mutations
RPS6KB1 Human RPS6KB1 Mutations
RUNX1 Human RUNX1 Mutations
SF3B1 Human SF3B1 Mutations
SLC17A5 Human SLC17A5 Mutations
SMAD4 Human SMAD4 Mutations
SMARCB1 Human SMARCB1 Mutations
SMO Human SMO Mutations
SOCS1 Human SOCS1 Mutations
SRC Human SRC Mutations
SRSF2 Human SRSF2 Mutations
STK11 Human STK11 Mutations
TET2 Human TET2 Mutations
TMEM132B Human TMEM132B Mutations
TNFAIP3 Human TNFAIP3 Mutations
TP53 Human TP53 Mutations
TRRAP Human TRRAP Mutations
TSC1 Human TSC1 Mutations
TSC2 Human TSC2 Mutations
TSHR Human TSHR Mutations
U2AF35 Human U2AF35 Mutations
VHL Human VHL Mutations
WT1 Human WT1 Mutations
XPO1 Human XPO1 Mutations