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PCR Related Products

Complement your PCR-based microarray data verification or pathway-focused gene expression profiling experiments. These products help you explore the function of your genes of interest with RNA interference and cell-based functional assays. Others allow you to explore the expression of many other genes in the same pathway simultaneously.

SureSilencing siRNA/shRNA RNAi Products
Study the function of genes differentially expressed in your experimental system using gene-specific RNA Interference.

RT² qPCR Master Mixes (with ROX, Fluorescein, or no Reference Dye)
SYBR Green (required for PCR Arrays) Master Mixes
FAST SYBR Green Master Mixes

Cignal™ Reporter Assays
Study the regulation of cellular signaling using dual-luciferase reporter assays.

Service Core
Get gene expression profiling results even more quickly and easily by letting our in-house experts provide microarray hybridization and data analysis for you. Choose from a complete line of microarray services for three powerful gene expression analysis platforms.