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Custom Mutation Arrays

Custom Mutation Detection Arrays Tailored to Your Research

We make custom PCR Arrays containing any set of assays that will detect either human mutations or SNPs. Custom PCR Arrays are available in 96-well Plates or 384-well Plates.

Why Custom qBiomarker PCR Arrays?

  • Reproducible Results and Consistent Performance
  • Rigorous QC and QA process
  • Fast Turn-Around Time & Simple Data Analysis

Each custom-made array can detect between 1 to 93 different mutations depending on the number of different genes that will be tested. Each array will contain:

  • 1 or more wells with a Validated Mutation Specific Assay (per sample)
  • 1 well with a Gene Specific DNA Control (per gene)
  • 2 wells with a Positive PCR Controls (per sample)

How to Order:

Select the mutations and the number of samples that you would like to analyze per plate.

  1. Please have the type of qPCR instrument available when placing the order.
  2. Determine the number of plates required.
  3. Use the following Excel file to enter your list of mutations.
  4. Contact SABiosciences Technical Support at 1-888-503-3187 to submit your gene list and obtain a quote.
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