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Sox2 Expression Vectors

Sox2 Plasmid Sox2 Lentivirus
qBiomarker Expression Sox2-DYKDDDDK Plasmid:
Human Sox2-DYKDDDDK Plasmid: DAM-105
Mouse Sox2-DYKDDDDK Plasmid: DAM-605
The qBiomarker Expression Sox2 Plasmid is a ready-to-transfect plasmid that encodes either a human or mouse DYKDDDDK-fused Sox2 protein. The open reading frame that codes for the fusion protein is under the control of the constitutively active CMV promoter. The DYKDDDDK epitope tag is also refered to as the FLAGŪ tag.

The Sox2-DYKDDDDK expression plasmid can easily and rapidly:

  • Express Sox2 protein
  • Generate iPSCs when expressed in combination with other qBiomarker Expression vectors
  • Generate stable Oct-DYKDDDDK expressing cells

See the complete list of qBiomarker Expression Vectors.


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Component Specification Concentration(total volume)
Sox2-DYKDDDDK Plasmid An expression plasmid for either Human or Mouse Sox2 fused with a DYKDDDDK epitope tag under the control of a CMV promoter. 20 micrograms

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