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Development 10-pathway Reporter Arrays

Luciferase (Tubes) Luciferase (Plates) Lentiviral Luciferase
Development 10-pathway Lentiviral Luciferase Reporter Kit: CLA-003L
The Cignal Finder Lenti Development Reporter Array is the first commercial reporter array that allows for a comprehensive measurement of ten development-related signaling pathways. By screening 10 pathway activities simultaneously, scientists can identify relevant pathways and exclude irrelevant pathways from further analysis. Therefore, Cignal Finder Arrays pinpoint the pathways that are regulated by a specific gene or drug. This system combines robust transcription factor reporters with lentiviral delivery power.

Tube/Column Pathway  Transcription Factor 
1 Notch RBP-Jκ
3 Myc/Max Myc/Max
6 Cell Cycle/pRb-E2F E2F/DP1
11 Cignal negative control  
12 Cignal positive control  


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Product Name  Components  Concentration*and Volume
Cignal Finder Lenti Toxicity 10-Pathway Reporter Array
Ready-to-transduce transcription factor-responsive lentiviral firefly luciferase pathway reporters (10 tubes total) + negative and positive controls (1 tube each) ≥ 0.8 X 107 TU/ml;
250 µl of each reporter and control
*exact titer specified on Certificate of Analysis

Kit Components How It Works Manual & Resources Related Products

The Cignal Lenti Reporters are ready for transduction right out of the box. There is no need to generate or propagate lentivirus in your laboratory. These vectors are extremely useful for transient transduction studies in difficult to transfect cells or for pathway sensor cell line generation.

Each Lenti Reporter Array includes 10 Cignal Lenti Pathway Reporters and two controls. All reporters and controls are delivered as transduction-ready lentiviral particles (250 µl at approximately 1X107 transducing units/ml). All reporter assays utilize firefly luciferase reporter gene technology.

Firefly luciferase results are calculated for each transduced culture. The change in the activity of each signaling pathway is determined by comparing the normalized luciferase activities of the reporter in treated versus untreated cells.

The identically treated negative control expresses firefly luciferase under the control of a minimal promoter and serves as a pathway specificity control. The positive control is a valuable reagent for optimizing your transduction conditions

Transient Pathway Regulation Studies in Difficult to Transfect Cell Lines: Target cells are transduced with the Cignal Lenti Pathway Reporter. The cells are typically cultured for 24 to 48 hours to insure lentivirus integration. The cultures are then treated with the biological agents of interest (siRNA, shRNA, chemical compound, viral expression vector, protein, peptide). Reporter assays are carried out 18 to 36 hours post-treatment, depending upon the treatment conditions.

Pathway Sensor Cell Line Generation: Target cells are transduced with the Cignal Lenti Pathway Reporter. Following transduction, the cells are cultured under puromycin selection to generate a homogenous population of transduced cells. If necessary, single cell cloning may be carried out in order to isolate a clonal pathway sensor cell line. These pathway sensor cell lines serve as a valuable cell-based assay platform, for subsequent screening and mechanism of action studies.

Simple Procedure:

  • Transduce Cignal Lenti Reporters into target cells
  • Treat with nucleic acid, protein, peptide, or small molecule of interest
  • Perform reporter quantitation using firefly luciferase activity assay

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