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Knowledge, Technical, and Product Resources

Knowledge Resources

  • SciGlobe Literature Search Engine
    The most sophisticated scientific literature search engine on the internet
    SciGlobe is an advanced search engine for the biomedical literature that uses the power of Conceptual Relationship Searching, a cutting-edge linguistic technology, to quickly find and deliver the most relevant search results.
  • Pathway Central
    The Ultimate Resource for Pathway Research
    Over 100 pathways with PowerPoint slides, mini-reviews and recommended products
  • Pathways
    The SABiosciences Newsletter
    Systematic reviews on key technologies for signaling and biology pathway research
  • Gene Network Central
    Your Toolbox for Gene and Protein Interaction Study
    The most comprehensive and accurate gene interaction and tissue expression database

Technical Resources

Product Resources

Product Resources

Real-time PCR Primer

shRNA Plasmids

MicroRNA Search

Chromatin IP Primers