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Online Seminars

SABiosciences is pleased to provide free, on-line educational resources covering relevant tools and techniques for gene and protein expression analysis, and cell-based gene function analysis. We offer live webinars, prerecorded and PDF formatted presentations.

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April 2017


Isolate exosomes for protein analysis


QIAscout application

QIAscout application



NGS in oncology: digital NGS technology intro



Maximize quantity and purity of exosomal RNA


QPCR Introduction


Introduction to HGMD Professional

Introduction to HGMD Professional




Circulating exosomes and exoRNA detection

Taxonomic Profiling using shotgun metagenome data


Noncoding RNAs in cardiovascular disease


QIAseq NGS for low input WGS


Critical factors for successful multiplex qPCR

Introduction to miRNA-seq



Exosome profiling by RNA-seq Explorer solution

Microbial sample prep


Methylome sequencing


QIAseq NGS for low input WGS

Back to School Webinar on QuantiFERON


QIAxcel in multiplex PCR applications

miRNA-seq in liquid biopsy


Current Seminar Titles Available:

Focus Title
1.  QIAseq miRNA Library KitmiRNA-seq from liquid biopsy: robust detection from the lowest sample amounts
2.  QIAxcel systemIncreasing productivity in Multiplex PCR applications with QIAxcel

miRNA-seq from liquid biopsy: robust detection from the lowest sample amounts

miRNAs impact virtually all areas of biology, and in circulation, they are promising biomarker candidates for both normal and disease biology. miRNAs are protected from degradation in virtually all biofluids by exosomes, Ago2, HDL or other protective proteins, but are expressed at low levels. As a result, expression analysis, particularly using next-generation sequencing (NGS), has proven to be difficult. Traditional small RNA library kits lack the sensitivity or specificity to adequately assess miRNA expression. Libraries prepared with using these kits have been fraught with background products, such as adapter dimers and other RNAs, including hY4 Y RNA. These problems collectively manifest as a low mapping percentage to miRNA, a limited dynamic range and lost discovery potential. QIAGEN’s QIAseq miRNA Library Kit is specifically designed to overcome these challenges. The innovative, gel-free workflow enables the preparation of robust libraries from even the most difficult, low RNA content biofluids. QIAseq miRNA maximizes your on-target miRNA reads, dynamic range and, mostly importantly, your discovery potential.

Duration: 45 minutes followed by Q&A session.


Thursday, April 27, 2017 at 1:00 PM Eastern    Status: Available Reserve

Increasing productivity in Multiplex PCR applications with QIAxcel

"The most commonly used method for analysis of genotyping assays based on end-point PCR is gel electrophoresis, using manually poured slab gels. This method is extremely labor intensive and exposes users to hazardous chemicals such as ethidium bromide. In addition, resolution of such gels is often poor and detailed analysis of the data in terms of determination of fragment size can be tedious — especially when the data are to be compared with previously analyzed PCR products. This webinar focuses on the challenges of typical genotyping applications and describes possible solutions for these, covering aspects from sample purification to detection of end-point PCR products using the QIAxcel system. "

Duration: 45 minutes followed by Q&A session.


Thursday, April 27, 2017 at 9:30 AM Eastern    Status: Available Reserve

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