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Genome-Wide Plasmid-Based RNA Interference

The SureSilencing™ Pre-Designed shRNA Plasmids specifically knock down the expression of every human, mouse or rat gene by RNA interference. For each gene, we provide four plasmids each with a different pre-designed short hairpin RNA (shRNA) sequence. Our proprietary experimentally verified shRNA design algorithm insures the maximum gene-specificity and efficacy. At least two of the four pre-designed shRNA plasmids are guaranteed* to knock down expression of the targeted gene. The availability of two effective sequences allows you to properly control for non-specific and off-target effects.

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Enrich or Select: Plasmids are available with either GFP Marker or Hygromycin, Neomycin, or Puromycin Resistance, enabling enrichment and the study of the long-term effects of gene suppression.
GUARANTEED!*: Knock down expression of the targeted gene by at least 70 percent. Control for non-specific and off-target effects.
Convenient & Cost-Effective: Use standard plasmid-based and lipid-mediated transfection methods. Plasmids provide a renewable source of RNA Interference.

We offer four different plasmid formats for the SureSilencing™ shRNA. Plasmids containing the hygromycin, neomycin, or puromycin resistance gene let you select for stably transfected cells and study long-term effects of gene knock-down in your cells. Plasmids containing the GFP gene offer a better alternative to siRNA letting you identify and track transiently transfected cells and study short-term effects in a transient transfection. The ability to track or stably express shRNA enables you to carry our RNA interference studies in difficult-to-transfect cells.

Unlike chemically synthesized siRNA, plasmid-based shRNA provides a renewable source of RNA interference. You can amplify enough plasmid in your own lab to complete your project. Purchase of our plasmids also includes complete shRNA sequence information.

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SABiosciences provides a full range of solutions for your RNA Interference needs:

  • Search for pre-designed plasmids containing shRNA for your human, mouse, or rat gene of interest [here].

  • Read [this] about the reagents & equipment required to use the RNA Interference in your lab.

  • Search [here] for the RT² PCR Primer Set for the target gene to verify suppression.

  • For SureSilencing Plasmid Pricing and other Ordering Instructions, click [here].

* At least two of the provided pre-designed SureSilencing™ shRNA Plasmids are guaranteed to knock down expression of the targeted gene at the RNA level by at least 70 percent as measured by real-time qRT-PCR in transfected cells upon FACS-based enrichment for GFP expression or selection for hygromycin, neomycin or puromycin resistance as described in the User Manual.

This product is made under license from The Carnegie Institution of Washington. However, the purchase of this material by a non-academic or for-profit organization will require a license to use the material from Carnegie. License queries may be directed to Gloria Brienza or Gary Kowalczyk at The Carnegie Institution of Washington, 1530 P Street NW, Washington, DC 20005.

This product contains proprietary technology owned and/or licensed exclusively for certain fields of use by Promega Corporation (US Patents 7,413,874 & 7,291,711 &/or US Patent Applications 10/564,020, 09/645,706 & 10/314,827). Except as provided herein below, use of this product is restricted to the use by the purchaser of this product in the purchaser´┐Żs own research. Such researchers may transfer modified derivatives and modified progeny of this product to their research colleagues who agree in writing to be bound by the terms and conditions of this label license. No transfer of unmodified product is authorized. No other use or transfer of this product or its derivatives is authorized without the express, written consent of each of Promega Corporation and SABiosciences Corporation. Such prohibition includes, without limitation, any and all non-research uses of this product in any procedure, application, product manufacture, or product transfer for which monetary or other consideration is received from another party. With respect to such commercial use, or any therapeutic or diagnostic uses, please contact Promega Corporation for supply and licensing information.


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