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Single Analyte ELISA Kits

The Single ELISArray Kits are designed to quantitatively measure the amount of an individual cytokine or chemokine using an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). Each 96-well plate (8 wells/strip, 12 strips) is coated with a protein-specific capture antibody. SABiosciences has screened all commercially available antibodies to identify the best capture and detection antibodies. The high sensitivity, good linearity and low background of the Single Analyte ELISArray Kits provide reliable and reproducible results for your cytokine and chemokine analyses.

Select the Single ELISArray Kit for your protein:

IL1A Human Mouse Rat  New
IL1B Human Mouse  
IL2 Human Mouse Rat New
IL4 Human Mouse Rat New
IL5 Human Mouse  
IL6 Human Mouse Rat New
IL8 Human   
IL10 Human Mouse Rat New
IL12 Human Mouse Rat New
IL13 Human Mouse Rat New
IL17A Human Mouse  
IL23   Mouse  
IFNγ Human Mouse Rat New
TNFα Human Mouse Rat New
GM-CSF Human Mouse Rat New
G-CSF Human Mouse  
MIP-1a Human Mouse  
MIP-1b Human Mouse  
MCP1 Human Mouse  
TGFβ1 Human Mouse  
RANTES Human Mouse Rat New
IP-10 Human Mouse   
I-TAC Human  
MIG Human Mouse   
Eotaxin Human Mouse  
TARC Human  Mouse  
MDC Human Mouse   
GROa Human  
IFNα Human  
KC   Mouse  
SDF-1   Mouse  
6Ckine   Mouse  

Why Single ELISArray Kits?

  • High Performance: Low background. High sensitivity. Excellent linearity.

  • Easy to Use: No special equipment required, only the ELISA plate reader already in your lab

SABiosciences' high-performance ELISArray kits use antibodies pairs with the best sensitivity and linearity available. Every assay is optimized under uniform conditions allowing reliable detection of all the cytokines and chemokines with the same development / incubation time. Avoid the hassle of optimizing assays yourself. Take advantage of our assay optimization expertise.
See our ELISArray Kit Optimization Process

How It Works

Simple Workflow
The standard sandwich ELISA protocol is used with the ELISArray Kits.
No special equipment is required, only the ELISA plate reader in your lab.
See the ELISArray Kit Protocol Overview.

You can easily perform an ELISArray Kit experiment in your own laboratory, or customers in the United States can send their samples to us and take advantage of our ELISArray Services. Contact us for details.


Technical Support

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