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qBiomarker™ Somatic Mutation PCR Array Data Analysis

This integrated web-based software package for the qBiomarker Somatic Mutation PCR Array automatically performs all the calculations from your uploaded raw threshold cycle data and returns genotypes for each of your samples. Simply providing the array's catalog number annotates the results to the correct mutation list. The web portal delivers genotyping results in a tabular format that can be exported. Make your pathway-focused gene expression analysis as quick and painless as possible with the PCR Array System and the PCR Array Data Analysis Web Portal.

Enter the Mutation PCR Array Data Analysis Web Portal

Alternatively, users of the qBiomarker Somatic Mutation PCR Arrays can use downloadadble Excel spreadsheets for their data analysis. The qBiomarker Somatic Mutation PCR Assay utilizes allele specific primer design. Each mutation assay maximizes the detection of mutant DNA with minimal or no detection of the wild-type DNA template. The Ct value (CtMUT) from the mutation specific assay is inversely correlated to the abundance of mutant DNA in the sample.

There are two approaches to performing data analysis with qBiomarker Somatic Mutation PCR Arrays, depending on the sample type and quantity. (See below for example data.)

  1. ΔΔCt method (recommended for experiments using fresh frozen samples or smaller (≤ 4) number of samples)
  2. Average Ct method (recommended for experiments using FPPE samples, large number of samples or without wild-type control samples).

Please select Catalog Number to download the templates:

Mock Data Set for qBiomarker Mutation PCR Arrays

Example Data: EGFR Pathway qBiomarker Somatic Mutation PCR Array

  1. EGFR Pathway: ΔΔCt

  2. EGFR Pathway: Average Ct

The qBiomarker Somatic Mutation PCR Assays are intended for molecular biology applications. This product is not intended for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of a disease.

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