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Real-time PCR and PCR Array Technical FAQ
Q: Can I use lysates or tissue homogenates with the ELISArray kits?
A: No. SABiosciences does not support using either tissue homogenates or cell lysates because often these samples include detergents that inhibit the analyte-antibody interaction.

Q: Do the ELISArray Kits work on species other than human, mouse or rat?
A: SABiosciences has not validated the ELISArray kits on any species not specifically described in the product literature.

Q: What is the Limit of Detection (LOD) for an ELISArray Kit?
A: The LOD for each analyte in each kit is specified on the product specification sheet in units of picograms per milliliter.

Q: How much sample is required for each well?
A: 50 µl is required. If you do not know the approximate concentration of the analyte of interest, SABiosciences recommends measuring an undiluted sample and a 100-fold diluted sample. There is a high probability that one of these two sample concentrations will be within the linear range of the assay.

Q: What is the linear range of the Multi-Analyte ELISArray Kits?
A: OD450 readings between 0 and 2.5 are within the linear range for all of the analytes. The positive control will not always fall within the linear range, but the samples must fall within this range for accurate relative quantization (i.e. fold changes between samples).