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White Papers
Detailed Technical Resources about SABiosciences Technologies

PCR Arrays and Real-Time PCR

PCR Array: A Simple and Quantitative Method for Gene Expression Profiling
This paper evaluates the performance of the latest technique for monitoring the expression of a panel of pathway- or disease focused genes: the RT² Profiler PCR Array System. It presents scientific data showing that PCR Arrays have the sensitivity, reproducibility, and specificity expected from real-time PCR techniques.

PCR Array Application Examples: Toxicology, Oncology, and Immunology Research
This paper provides several application examples for the latest technique for monitoring the expression of a panel of pathway- or disease focused genes: the RT² Profiler PCR Array System. It explores the use of the PCR Arrays in immunology, cancer, and toxicology research.

Biomarker Discovery from Paraffin Embedded Samples
In this article, we present the successful principles and results of the new RT² FFPE PreAMP™ technology. This technology combines a novel RNA extraction protocol that exploits thermodynamic and structural characteristics of FFPE RNA with a powerful preamplification step of a pathway-focused set of genes for real-time gene expression analysis.

A Systematic Guideline for Developing Real-time PCR Primers
This paper summarizes the important principles that we have learned after designing real-time PCR primer assays for over 14,000 genes. Critical steps in designing and validating real-time PCR primers and the solutions to potential problems are described.

miScript miRNA PCR Arrays

miRNA biomarker discovery - overcoming limiting sample material
microRNAs (miRNAs) exhibit a tightly regulated spatial and temporal pattern of expression during development and differentiation. Furthermore, miRNAs have been shown to be aberrantly expressed in cancer and other diseases, and may prove to be excellent diagnostic, theranostic, and prognostic biomarkers. Often the most valuable and informative samples — such as laser-captured samples, circulating tumor cells, or extracellular miRNA in body fluids — are the hardest to obtain in amounts sufficient for detailed miRNome profiling. We present an integrated, PCR-based system that reduces the amount of sample required for full miRNome profiling by several orders of magnitude and provides unparalleled reproducibility and precision. This advance enables detailed miRNA analysis on the smallest of samples and opens up new possibilities for biomarker development.

miRNA profiling from blood using the miScript miRNA PCR Arrays - challenges and recommendations
The discovery of stable miRNA species circulating in blood has led to increased research focus on disease-related variations in serum and plasma miRNA expression and the possibility that such variations could serve as noninvasive biomarkers for disease. Working with serum and plasma miRNA presents various challenges in purification and characterization. In this paper, we outline QIAGEN recommendations for robust purification and quantification, as well as reliable data normalization and analysis.

RNA Interference

Did Your RNAi Experiment Work?! Reliably Validating RNA Interference with Real-Time PCR
This white paper addresses the sources of variation the must be dealt with in validating RNAi. It also describes how the design algorithm for the SureSilencing shRNA Plasmids has twice the success rate of a more commonly used resource, and how it can guarantee the delivery of two successful designs per gene.

Reporter Assays

Cignal Reporter Assay Kit: A High Performance Tool for Assessing the Functions of Genes, Biologics, and Small Molecule Compounds
This paper describes the development of the Cignal Reporter Assays, and evaluates their performance. Application examples highlighting the utility of these assays for understanding gene function, as well as determining mechanisms of action of proteins, peptides, ligands, and small molecule compounds are presented.

Somatic Mutation Arrays

Rapid and accurate cancer somatic mutation profiling with the qBiomarker Somatic Mutation PCR Array
Somatic mutations are associated with cancer, and QIAGEN has now developed real-time PCR-based qBiomarker Somatic Mutation PCR Arrays for pathway- and disease-focused somatic mutation profiling. This white paper describes the technological principles of the qBiomarker Somatic Mutation PCR Arrays as well as the tests performed to assess their performance.

DNA Methylation Arrays

EpiTect Methyl II PCR Array System: A simple tool for screening regional DNA methylation of a large number of genes or samples without bisulfite conversion
This paper discusses the basic principles of the EpiTect Methyl II PCR System, a novel technology enabling simple, fast, and reliable screening of CpG island DNA methylation, without Bisulfite conversion of DNA, for a large number of genes or samples simultaneously, using MethylScreenTM technology. It also shows performance, verification, and application data to demonstrate the System’s robust potential for methylation profiling in various biological systems and for screening of DNA methylation biomarkers.