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Cignal Reporter Assay System

"My research group is interested in studying the regulatory proteins and pathways controlling autoimmunity. Members of the Rel/NFkB family of transcription factors serve as key regulators of gene expression in many cell types, including those involved in autoimmunity. We have been looking for a reliable, easy-to-use system for monitoring the activity of the NFkB pathway in the immune system cell lines we commonly work with in our lab. I had never used reporter assays in my research prior to using the Cignal Reporter Assays. Using the NFkB Cignal Reporter Assay in combination with the SureFECT transfection reagent, we were able to rapidly establish transfection and assay conditions for analyzing NFkB signaling in a human pre-monocytic cell line (THP1) and a murine T-cell line (EL4). The Cignal Reporter Assay and SureFECT transfection reagent will be very useful tools for us moving forward."

- Brian Lawson, PhD, Senior Research Associate, Dept. of Immunology, Scripps Research Institute

"Our group at Nuvelo is responsible for conducting mechanism of action studies to understand the pharmacological and physiological function of molecules having therapeutic potential. This involves utilizing a battery of both in vitro and in vivo methodologies. The in vitro approaches include quantitative gene expression analyses, RNA interference, and reporter gene assay systems. The SABiosciences PCR Array tools have been extremely valuable to us. We decided to give the Cignal Reporter Assays a try. The CRE and NFkB Cignal Reporter Assays were easy to use and performed well for us. They will continue to be useful tools for us when studying the pathway-specific pharmacology of candidate therapeutic molecules."

- Kyung-Ah Kim, PhD, Senior Scientist, Biology Research, Nuvelo