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SureFIND™ miRNA Transcriptome PCR Arrays

Would you like to know which microRNA regulates your gene of interest?

If so, you should use miRNA Transcriptome PCR Arrays, the first product in the market that allows for easy identification of microRNA regulating your gene of interest. Learn more about the technology.

How it works:

  1. Choose an Array.
  2. Run a qPCR.
  3. Find the miRNA that regulates your gene

MicroRNA Transcriptome PCR Arrays:

Cancer related miRNA (90 miRNAs)

Immunopathology related miRNA (90 miRNAs)

Development and Differentiation related miRNAs (90 miRNAs)

Complete miRNome (~900 miRNAs)

How are miRNA Transcriptome PCR Arrays manufactured?

How do miRNA Transcriptome PCR Arrays work?

How is data analyzed?

Read how SureFIND miRNA Transcriptome PCR Arrays were used to identify the miRNA regulating ZEB2 gene expression.

For a detailed description of the protocol and other technical tips: User Manual 
For more information about the data analysis software: Data Analysis